Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fly Tech: Nuke Egg (Modified)

The Nuke Egg is hands down my favorite fly. First and foremost I catch tons of Salmon and Steelhead on it! This fly is VERY fast and easy to tie. It is also and is inexpensive.

The version I will show you is my secret tech I use. I am sure I am not the first one who has thought of this, but I haven't seen anybody else use it. I will be tying a red/pink Nuke which is also my HOT color both spring and fall.

This is a list of items you will need:

Size 6 Tiemco Fly Tying Hooks TMC 105

Glo Bug Yarn (Salmon Egg)

Micro Chenille (Red)

Pink 3/0 thread

Vice, bobbin, scissors, and whip finisher (optional)

Step 1: Secure the hook into the vice. I prefer these Tiemco hooks because they are 2x . They are stronger and thicker and I haven't had them straighten on me like I have with other hooks. Salmon and Steelhead can really test your gear and your hooks or leader are always the first thing to give.

Step 2: Wind you thread from the eye of the hook about half way to the bend.

Step 3: Wind the thread over the Chenille and then work the thread back towards the eye of the hook.

Step 4: Wrap the Chenille around the hook 4-5 times forming a round ball. Secure the front of the Egg then trim excess Chenille off.

Step 4: Take a piece of pink Glo Bug Yarn and cut about an inch and a half off. The pink is now called Salmon or Salmon Egg.

Step 5: Take about a third of the yarn you cut off and put it on the hook just in front of the egg. Then fold the front haf around to the back of the hook and wind thread to secure.

Step 6: Trim the yarn to the back of the egg or a little longer and fluff!

Step 7: Finish off the Nuke Egg with a whip finisher or half hitch whichever you prefer. I do this twice then do not use head cement.

That's it! I typically use the red/pink or orange/light orange color combos. I'm sure other combos work and sometimes I experiment, but this is a good 75% of my fly box and I try to carry 25+ of each color.

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