Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gear Tech: Slinkys

Today I had to make some more slinkys, the one's I made were too heavy for the low water on the PM and I hate re-applying split shots!!! I get home from work to find my slinky cord is nowhere to be found. I tore this place up for an hour before finding it right in front of my face!!!

I have had a few people ask me how to make them. I'm self taught or maybe YouTube taught at one point, but I'm glad to share what knowledge I have found with you.

Some may ask...What the heck is a slinky? Well, basically it is a weight that are super snag free. I have lost just a few and it saves times re-tying rigs and applying new weights as well as being cheaper. It replaces the dropper tag you add to your rig while using any drift or chuck & duck method.

The materials you will need are a sharp pair of scissors, Slinky Drifter Cord, #5 split shot, a lighter, and needle nose pliers.

 I have found the slinky drifter cord (parachute cord) hard to find in my area so I ordered it from eBay

 The split shot should be of the appropriate size for the cord you are using. I use #5 split shot.

You want to start with the end of the slinky cord and burn its edge with a lighter until it starts to melt, then pinch down with your needle nose pliers. It may take a few tries to get it right, as long as the end is sealed tight then it's good to go!

Cut the slinky cord with your scissors making about a 3-4 inch piece depending on how many split shot you want to add inside. Put the tip of the needle nose into the open end of the slinky cord to make sliding the split shots easier.

 This is how open the hole should be, if you do not do this part the slinky cord will unravel and make a mess.

 Add the desired amount of split shots. I make 3,4,5&6 shot slinkys. The one shown is a 5 shot slinky.

 I tend to make them in groups and then finish them off all at once. Shown is a bunch of 6 shot slinkys, I'm working on my 5 shot slinkys

 Use the needle nose pliers to hold the slinky cord down tight and cut along the edge of the pliers.

 Hold the slinky with the pliers and grab your lighter.

Burn the edge of the slinky cord that is sticking out of the side of the pliers. Notice in the background the glass of iced tea. It makes any project go better :)

The edge will look like this when melted sealing the end with a nice black seam. Careful to not touch it!!!

Here is the finished product with a barrel swivel and snap on it. this way you can swap out different weights and have no need to mess around with removing shot if its too heavy.

These are really easy and inexpensive to make. The bag of slinky cord is around 6 bucks and a container of shot another 4 bucks. Slinkys sell at tackle shops for around .89 a piece.

Salmon season is starting so good luck to everyone! Remember to be safe out there!

Tight Lines!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the advice! I've been looking for some geartech supplies but haven't known where to get some. Do you think you could let me know where to find some?