About Me

I am an avid fisherman. Doesn't mean I'm great at it, I just think I am informed and often very lucky. My son says I have some sort of fish magnet where the fish are attracted to me in some way. I think it is nonsense, but I do catch a lot of fish. I have many years of experience to go along with my fishing luck. I wish I had that kinda lotto luck then I could fish all the time :)

I also love to take pictures, many times of my fishing adventures. I also love to write.So, that's why I'm here now.

I have seen several other web sites and blogs about fishing and decided that I would give it a try for myself. Mostly what you find here will be some entertaining (hopefully) fishing stories, some rants, information, interviews, and updates.

I am focusing primarily on Salmon and Steelhead in Western Michigan. I fly fish mostly, but sometimes I use drift bait or bobber fish. I am not opposed to casting hardware if it produces fish either. I'm not a purist or elitist. I practice catch and release, but keep fish if I know they won't survive. I hope you find something helpful or maybe just get a chuckle from my page. 

Tight Lines!!!!
Mike Nedza (Steelhead Maniac)

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